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MMA Føroyar / MMA Faroe Islands

For MMA Føroyar, a Faroese MMA event, I led the design and technical expertise in creating an events management system. My responsibilities included integrating Visa/Mastercard, creating a one-click buy system, and conducting UX research for an optimized CTA. 


I developed an events management system for MMA Føroyar that integrated Visa/Mastercard, enabled one-click purchases, and included a user-friendly CTA. Additionally, I designed the logo, tickets, and created a design guide.

Key points:

  • Designed an events management system that allowed for easy ticket generation and export for employees.
  • Conducted UX desk research to ensure an optimized CTA that made it easy for customers to purchase tickets. 
  • Integrated Visa/Mastercard and other security features to ensure a safe and secure transaction process.
  • Designed tickets that were both visually appealing and easy to use.
  • Created a logo that represented MMA Føroyar’s brand identity. 
  • Developed a design guide that ensured consistency across all marketing materials.

The MMA Føroyar design guide is a bold, modern representation of the martial arts genre. Roboto Slab, a modern serif font, adds a sense of toughness. The guide provides clear guidelines for cohesive branding and a unique identity.

  • Integrated GDPR compliance to ensure the safety and privacy of customer information.

I optimized the performance of the MMA Føroyar website to ensure a fast and responsive user experience. This included achieving a Google Page Speed score of 98 on desktop, and a loading time of only 0.6 seconds for consumers, retaining their attention and reducing bounce rates. Additionally, I implemented pre-loading to ensure that pages load quickly and smoothly, even on slower internet connections. By prioritizing website performance, I helped to create a positive user experience and increase engagement with the MMA Føroyar brand.


My contributions to MMA Føroyar resulted in a seamless events management system that made it easy for customers to purchase tickets and for employees to manage events. Additionally, I created a strong brand identity through the design of the logo, tickets, and design guide. Overall, my work contributed to the success of MMA Føroyar and helped the organization achieve its goals.