devices – Online art gallery

The Gallery Plogv project focused on the development of an intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly online art gallery. As the project lead, I researched, developed, and implemented digital solutions for the website and its marketing materials. This portfolio item discusses the process, research, and technologies used in creating an immersive experience for art enthusiasts to explore artists’ paintings, leading to increased sales and inspiration.


The Gallery Plogv project aimed to transform the user experience for online art galleries, focusing on design and artist-centric navigation. Through desk research and interviews, we identified the importance of showcasing paintings seamlessly on the website and facilitating user navigation to individual artists. The project included UX research, development of an artist-based inspiration page, an automatic cross-upsell module, a smart call solution, template generation for hero showcases, integration of image optimization technologies, and website security.


  • Comprehensive research through desk analysis and interviews to understand the target audience’s needs.
  • UX research for the development of a seamless, artist-based inspiration page for each product.
  • An automatic dynamic cross-upsell module to showcase all available paintings for purchase or rent by an artist.
  • A smart, easy-to-call solution integrated into the website to increase in-person sales.
  • Automatic template generation for hero showcases, enabling easy changes by store managers.

Example of CTA and Artist showcase automatic template generation with more information. Also includes cross-selling for same artist.

  • Integration of new web standards like WebP for image optimization without compromising quality.
  • Enhanced website security and speed through integration with Cloudflare and a CDN for international buyers.


The Gallery Plogv project successfully achieved its goal of creating an immersive and user-friendly online art gallery experience. By incorporating thorough research, cutting-edge technologies, and design elements, the website now facilitates seamless navigation and discovery of artists’ paintings, ultimately driving sales and inspiration. As the project lead, I was proud to contribute to this innovative solution for the client, helping art enthusiasts connect with their favorite artists more easily and effectively than ever before.