devices – One of the largest Retailer in the Faroe Islands is a trendy clothing store that caters to a young, predominantly mobile user base. As the project leader, I took charge of the entire development process, from inception to ongoing improvements, with a keen focus on user experience and seamless mobile interactions.


As part of the project, I developed a mobile-first, user-friendly platform that delivers an exceptional shopping experience for a predominantly young audience. By prioritizing seamless transactions, intuitive navigation, and advanced search capabilities, I successfully increased customer satisfaction and engagement. The platform also incorporated upselling and cross-selling strategies, as well as automated image processing, to optimize revenue and brand consistency. In this portfolio item, I will highlight the key features and accomplishments that have contributed to the success of

Key Features and Accomplishments:

  • Mobile-First Design: With 88% of’s customers being mobile users, my priority was to create a mobile-friendly interface that facilitated quick and easy transactions. By simplifying the purchasing process and incorporating a near “one-click buy” functionality, I ensured seamless user interactions.
  • Intuitive Attributes Display: A new, improved attribute function was integrated into the platform, enabling customers to easily identify available colors and sizes for each item. This streamlined browsing experience contributed to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: I implemented a comprehensive search function, allowing users to filter by size, color, brand, and product category (e.g., shoes, bracelets, clothes). This empowered customers to effortlessly find relevant items tailored to their preferences.
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell Strategies: By integrating an intelligent upsell/cross-sell function, I successfully increased the average order value (AOV) for, contributing to overall revenue growth.
  • Engaging “New In” Section: The addition of a “New In” section helped to boost the frequency of repeat purchases by showcasing the latest items and keeping customers engaged with the brand.

“New In” section

  • Automated Image Processing: Image processing and size-management system streamlined product uploads and ensured optimal image quality. This system automatically removed backgrounds from clothing images, resulting in a consistent, polished design across all pages.
  • Technical Integrations: The platform was enhanced with a range of other technical integrations, such as terminal bargaining, which further refined the overall user experience.
  • Wishlist System: I introduced a user-friendly wishlist system that allowed customers to save their favorite items for later purchase. This feature not only contributed to a decrease in bounce rate but also increased the average order value (AOV), as users were more likely to complete transactions with multiple items saved in their wishlist. The wishlist system effectively encouraged customer engagement and facilitated higher revenue generation.

Smart wishlist system that customers use to share their wishes.


The project was a success, not only in terms of the visually appealing and functional design but also in the measurable improvements seen in customer satisfaction, AOV, and repeat purchases. As we continue to monitor analytics and performance data, we remain committed to making ongoing improvements and ensuring remains at the forefront of the mobile shopping experience for its youthful demographic.