devices – Entertainment provider / rent service

Tatanka is a leading entertainment provider in the Faroe Islands, offering a diverse range of products and services to cater to various event needs. In an effort to improve user experience and streamline the booking process, I were tasked with designing, developing, and optimizing Tatanka’s website and visual branding.


I created a modern, user-friendly website for Tatanka, complete with a seamless booking integration and comprehensive design guide. The website is easily scalable to accommodate the company’s expanding range of services, such as machinery rentals and event management tools. Through strategic SEO implementation and a well-organized navigation structure, I have elevated Tatanka’s online presence and enhanced the overall customer experience.


  • User-focused design: By conducting desk research and understanding the requirements for a smooth user journey, we designed an intuitive website with a focus on user experience.
  • Comprehensive development: Our team handled every aspect of the website’s design, development, coding, and deployment.
  • SEO optimization: We ensured that each page and product on Tatanka’s website was optimized for search engine rankings, driving higher visibility and traffic.
  • Visual enhancements: By utilizing Photoshop, we made several graphical improvements to the product images, allowing them to stand out and effectively showcase the offerings.
  • Key CTA highlighting: We strategically highlighted key call-to-action elements to emphasize Tatanka’s position as the go-to marketplace for event rentals.
  • Customer-friendly navigation: We categorized services logically, making it easy for users to find specific offerings such as birthday, paintball, wedding, and event services.

An example of how the quotation system works. The customers adds services to a quotation basket and can choose when they need it, add notes and fill out a general form.

  • Integrated quote rate system: We incorporated a quote rate system, enabling customers to receive an estimate for their desired rentals.

  • Flexible scheduling: The inclusion of a bid schedule system allows customers to easily adjust or add to their rental requirements.


The revamped Tatanka website offers a seamless, user-centric experience that not only simplifies the booking process but also showcases the brand’s diverse range of products and services. With an emphasis on design, development, and optimization, we have helped Tatanka strengthen its online presence and better cater to the needs of its growing clientele in the Faroe Islands.