The Body Shop Faroe Islands

I led the design phase and implemented technical solutions for the client. I’ve implemented a cross-, and up-selling methodology, that has increased revenue online by 40%. After extensive UX research and a complete redesign of the front page, the solution has attributed their sales to now being consistently top 3 best-selling stores in Denmark, Sweden, and the Faroe Islands. The store has since won multiple awards among other The Body Shop stores, after seeing higher KPIs in multiple areas. 

  • Design and UX research, creating new revenue methods for E-commerce.
  • Providing technical expertise, reducing imposed credit card fees through negotiations with card issuers.
  • Redesigned the front page, creating new values for the user through easily selecting categories, increasing AOV by 41%.
  • Redesigned products page, making it more accessible to cross-sell and up-sell similar products.
  • Deep-diving into performance issues, providing solutions in sharpening the speed of the website, and reducing user abandonment by 15%.

Through iterations, multiple new features were made to increase conversion rate for the client.

  • Wishlist and ability to send to family/relatives
  • Notification based on dynamic pricing, if client buys X amount they will get free shipping notification.
  • Aesthetically redesigned category page to showcase best-sellers in each category
  • Dynamic and automagical cross-sell optimization for each product, making it easier for the customer to either cross-sell or upsell for the client.